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Your 401(k) Retirement Plan

Company: T. Rowe Price​​

Phone #: 800-922-9945

Athletico’s 401(k) Retirement Plan is administered by T. Rowe Price. See below for plan materials and resources.

Enrollment Changes: Changes to bi-weekly contributions can be made online via the T. Rowe Price portal, or by calling 1-800-922-9945. Please note, changes may take up to 1-2 payroll cycles to reflect on your paycheck.


New Hires / Newly Eligible: All regular employees over age 21, regardless of job title or hours worked, are eligible to participate in the 401(k) and will be automatically enrolled at 5% of your eligible compensation. You will receive a separate notice from T. Rowe Price about your automatic enrollment and the date by which you must opt out if you prefer.

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